Here at we have a HUGE range of the coolest beach boardshorts available on the web.  Also known as ‘boardies’ or ‘baggies’ a nifty pair of beach shorts is a must for any guy hitting the beach over the holidays.   A good pair of boardshorts should be baggy and long and not restrict the wearer in anyway.  They will be made from a polyester or nylon material and will be smooth to feel.  Many are stitchless in the inseam to avoid rubbing and chaffing.  Ouch!

Did you know that boardshorts are designed long not just for fashion purposes!   The boardshort was designed with the surfer’s legs in mind!  A surf board is regularly waxed for optimum performance, and the long short helps keep the wax from ripping off the surfer’s leg hair!     Your boardshort will also not have an elasticated waist band like the typical swimming short.   A tie-front is common with a velcro fly adding double protection from the boardshort being pulled off by the power of a wave when wiping out!

For extra protection, boardshorts can be worn with a secondary layer such as a pair of briefs, a jockstrap, boxers or Manties!   And for the hardcore out there, it’s worth nothing that many of the mixed martial arts shorts were modelled on the boardshort!

So sit back, hang loose, and check out the coolest Hawaiian boardshorts with the biggest range available on the web, right here at!