Here at we believe there’s room for a pair or 3 of the humble boxer shorts in everymans’ drawers.  Look no further for a complete range of men’s boxer shorts as we’ve scoured the web for you.  It’s all here for you at Manties!

Men’s boxer shorts can be a real turn on to your partner.  How many guys like the look of their partner wearing their boxer shorts with just a t-shirt to top it off? Plenty!  Boxer shorts offer freedom of movement and the ability for it to ‘all hang loose’.    Their moment of fame came in the iconic advert from the 80′s.   Nick Kamen stripping to his boxer shorts in a launderette from the 50′s.  There’ll be those amongst you who had that picture on your wall for some time!

Boxer shorts come in many styles and colours.  Remember getting that fun pair for Christmas or your birthday. All guys remember changing from tatty school briefs to boxers when they hit the headlines after the Kamen advert.   So, for a fun range of underwear or that sexy crisp new white pair of beautiful cotton boxer shorts, then look no further. We’ve done all the research for you and brought to you in these pages the best range of boxers and boxer briefs on line. It’s all here for you at!

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