designer mens underwear at giggleberries

Play sport? Looking for that extra support?  Here at we’ve scoured the internet looking for a wide range of men’s jockstraps.  Look no further, we’ve done it right for you here at Manties!

The Jock, supporter, strap, jockstrap (call it what you will!) was originally designed for keeping you fully in place during games. Ideal for football, rugby, tennis or any rough and tumble game where a pair of shorts is required.   Here at you can search for jockstraps for all your sporting needs, whether it’s for your weekend hockey game or your sport where you need that extra protection.

Some of the coolest retailers on-line have a great range of strapless jocks which are comfortable and functional and offer you the support right where you need it.  Sometimes known as the ‘slingshot’!   If you want to go a bit more off-piste you can get your jockstrap in more adult materials, with leather and chain style jockstraps being available here on-line at

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