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Here at we’ve scoured the internet looking for the complete range of the latest trend in men’s underwear:  Manties.  Flick through our pages, browse the amazing cutting edge underwear and accessories, and take advantage of the latest offers from some of the coolest retailers around

Manties are not just panties for men, but snug men’s underwear with a purpose. Manties are here to stay!

Manties have been going crazy on New York catwalks, and stores have been reporting surging sales in skimpy briefs and panties for men.  The trend started through necessity with the fashion for tight trousers seeing a revival.  No more scrunched up baggy boxer shorts!!

Manties,  hold the wearer in a relatively fixed position which makes Manties a popular choice of mens underwear for sports or are looking for the extra support that their loose fitting counterparts fail to deliver.  AsdruMark stock award winning designer underwear and Manties from Mundo Unico in a great range of wild colours

Other traditional retailers are now embracing the popularity of  panties for men including Marks and Spencer which are reporting soaring sales of the fashion ‘must have’ of the moment.

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